Your Logo Matters – The Basics of Branding

Take a deep dive into design and understand why your company’s logo is a vital part of its brand identity. Discover the reasons why investing in a strong logo is preparing for success, and find useful tips to getting started with designing a unique and fresh look for your company.


Make your Logo Work – Design Fundamentals

Start on the road to the perfect logo by understanding the basics and secrets of logo design. Read about colour theory and marketing, why the right font can make a difference, and what a logo image tells the world about your business.

Express Your Brand’s Values – Turn Marketing Ideas to Action

Your company’s logo is only the first impression, but there is so much more behind it. Logos are the first step in crafting a singular and different identity for your brand that can be a major draw for potential customers. Discover how a logo can be the beginning of creating company colours, values, and messages.